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What is 'TEE'?

'TEE' (Theological Education by Extension), is a highly mobile and effective system of training within the local context, based on Home and Group Study led by trained tutors.

TEE came into being in Guatemala in the late 60's, when a residential Seminary noticed with great concern that, realistically, they were not training recognized local leaders for the fast growing rural Churches that were springing up all over the country. The recognized leaders were mature men with families and jobs, they simply could not uproot and go away to the Seminary. So the first step in TEE was to take the Seminary ‘TO’ the rural churches.

This was a step in the right direction, but it didn't solve the problem. The Professors could not adapt to the simple folk, and the simple folk, although intelligent, could not cope with the work load.

So the second step was to develop specially prepared study materials for this new method of training. This is the point where SEAN stepped in. SEAN's TEE materials are designed for use with Christians in the local church and to produce an 'every-member ministry'. The objective is to equip God's people to become effective witnesses for Jesus in society and become missionaries to the world around them.

In essence TEE is:

1. THEOLOGICAL because it is:

  • God-centred
  • Bible-based
  • Obediente-oriented

2. EDUCATION because it develops:

  • Knowledge
  • Attitudes
  • Skills

3. BY EXTENSION because it allows:

  • Local Study
  • Local ministry
  • Continued study

There are three main ingredients for a TEE programme to be fruitful:

  1. An obedient and visionary Church
  2. Good courses
  3. A well-organized and carried out operational plan

SEAN will provide the courses, points 1 and 3 depend on you!


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